What's Happening @Obviously: ENVSN, NOR at LAFW, and the #Wish App

Some agencies think influencer marketing is nothing but shipping out product and creating beautiful content. But here at Obviously, we like to get a little more creative. We love to send influencers to exclusive events, create experiences, and try new things. This week, we’re highlighting some of our favorite recent events as well as exploring how influencers can promote apps and technology.

ENVSN Festival

As a woman-led company, we know the future is female. That’s why we’re thrilled to team up with ENVSN Festival. ENVSN aims to provide support and encouragement to the women who will become tomorrow’s leaders. This two day festival in Brooklyn is jam-packed with life lessons, inspiration, and music. And a few of our favorite influencers.

NOR at LA Fashion Week

Nordic-inspired fashion brand NOR pulled out all the stops for their big launch at LA Fashion Week. Not only did Obviously influencers get to attend the incredible runway show, one giveaway winner was sent on an all-expenses-paid dream trip to an international destination. (Can you guess where?) It doesn’t get better than that!

#Wish Shopping App

Wish.com has some of the best deals on clothing, make-up, and just about everything you can imagine. But we know you don’t need help picking out your favorite things. What is super helpful is having an app that lets you shop for them anywhere. Say, for example, from the front row of a fashion show or an awesome feminist festival in Brooklyn. Just a suggestion. ;-)

Emily BarozComment