Obvious Chats: Haley Lemon

So you’ve probably heard that Obviously is a worldwide company. (I may have mentioned it here, and here.) But so far, we haven’t had the opportunity to introduce you to our incredible international team. Well, all that’s about to change. Haley Lemon (@event_mumma) is our absolute super-woman, running Obviously’s operations in Australia. I got in touch to find out a little more about what’s up with Obviously Down Under!



First, the basics: Name, hometown, Instagram handle.

What is your favorite food? 

I am a real foodie - so this is a really hard question for me to answer! Cold seafood including prawns and oysters would be at the top of my list! And even better to wash them down with a cold glass of French :) 

Favorite band or musician?  
Gawd, this is equally hard! I'm a millennial but was totally born in the wrong era and I LOVE Rock n Roll! I would say that any thing from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 30 Seconds to Mars and Pearl Jam are my go to albums. 

What do you do for Obviously?

I'm an all rounder, heading up the Sydney arm of Obviously so I need to wear many hats including; Business Development, Account Management and Shipping and Logistics.

How did you become connected with the company?

Initially, I took on a 3 month, part time contract. After my contract expired, I loved working with Obviously so much that we decided to make things more permanent so I started working full time from the beginning of the year and still loving it!  

What is your favorite city in Australia, and why?

SYDNEY! There is so much that this place has to offer no matter who you are or what you like! Start with the amazing weather - even in winter, it doesn't snow (I hate the cold) and the summers are sparkling with the blue ocean, warm sand and fresh salty breeze at your fingertips. The fresh produce and fabulous restaurants that Sydney has to offer arguably rival other global offerings. I am a frequent traveler and I love flying home to my city with it's picturesque harbour in all its glory with the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge welcoming us! It's also the little things like being able to drink the tap water - such a small thing but so special to acknowledge that many people around the world don't even have access to fresh drinking water from their taps! 



In your opinion, how is influencer marketing different in Australia?  The same?

The obvious difference is that we have fewer people in Australia - estimated at just under 26 million compared with the USA who are estimated to have over 325 million people. This means that the influencer pool we have to deal with is dramatically smaller then the US pool so we see a lot of the same faces working across our wide range of clients. This can be a good thing, though, as our influencers get used to working with us and they do a great job for the brands because they want more work with us. 

What is one misconception you think Americans have about Australia?

That we all have kangaroos in our backyards  I live in the city people! Only Kangaroos here are the ones at the zoo.

Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?

I'm a mum of one and I love to travel with my Family! My son is 4 and my husband and I have already traveled to 3 of the 7 continents with him! We have just come back from Singapore and our next trip will be to the US in April where I hope to meet some of the Obviously team face to face! 

I literally cannot wait for that! Cheers to the Obviously family around the world!

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