Best Practices for Working with Obviously

You’ve landed a project with Obviously- congrats!  

Now is your opportunity to showcase your best work and start forming a great relationship with the brand. Whether this is your first collaboration or you’re an Obviously veteran, it helps to know a few basic guidelines. 

Follow these best practices to ensure a great experience for everyone:

For Any Collaboration:

Follow the creative brief

Most of our projects allow for a lot of creativity on your end, but it’s still essential to read the creative brief. Some brands have strict rules about what they want or don’t want to see in their content. If you don’t follow the brief, you will have to redo your post, creating more work for everyone. It also makes it less likely the brand will work with you again.

The creative brief contains important information like the project hashtag. Leaving out the hashtag or tagging your post incorrectly makes it harder for us to check if you’ve completed your and posted your content.  

Listen for instructions regarding content approval

On some occasions, a brand will require content approval before posting.  When that happens, you will receive specific instructions from the CSM.

For most projects, however, you won’t have to submit your post for approval. This means it’s your responsibility to double-check the creative brief. Our system automatically scans for posts with the brand’s hashtag, so there is no need to submit your completed content on our site.

Always post on time

Many projects are built around specific events, such as a sale or a new product launch.  Even when this isn’t the case, brands are relying on influencers to help meet their goals.

If you realize you won’t be able to keep a project deadline for any reason, reach out to the Client Success Manager right away. They will let you know if an extension is possible or if you can be moved to another wave of the collaboration. If you don’t communicate with us, a late post will negatively affect your chance to participate in great projects in the future. 

Failure to post will result in suspension from our platform. Multiple offenses will result in a permanent ban.

Be professional and courteous- especially to the brand!

Most of the time, you will be interacting with the Obviously team, but if you ever do interact with a brand representative, either online or in person, remember to put your best foot forward.  This could be the start of a long-term partnership! Our client relationships are extremely important to us, so influencers who are rude to brand representatives run the risk of being suspended from our platform.

For Events:

The invitation is meant for you

The brand invited you to their event because they want you: your voice, your creativity, and your energy. Please do not pass invitations off to a creative partner or intern.  We’ll let you know if you’re able to take a plus one along with you.  We can’t wait to see you!

Arrive on time

Some events are free flowing, but you are still expected to arrive with enough time to fully immerse yourself in the experience.  Arriving five minutes before an event ends does not qualify as attending. If you are expected at a specific time, please be there and contact the CSM if you’re running late. 

Following these simple guidelines will go a long way to creating a successful collaboration.  We’re looking forward to working with you!

Emily BarozComment