Obviously Viral: #Feuds

Quote of the week: “Wait wait I'm in Paris it's the middle of the night & I'm posting my Vogue Spain pics not having a clue what's going on in the music world” - Kim Kardashian


This week’s viral madness:

We're going to dive right in and show you this incredible footage from South Africa of professional surfer Mick Fanning fighting back after a shark emerges right behind him and goes for his board:

The surfing competition was immediately canceled after the incident and both surfers that were in the water at the time made it out safely. Btw this all happened LIVE and quickly went viral as people were tweeting all about how badass they thought Fanning was to have survived the incident unscathed:

However, according to the shark, he was just minding his own business:

Speaking of misinterpretations/minding one’s own business, a couple of days ago Taylor Swift decided to take one of Nicki Minaj’s tweets, which calls out the VMAs for their exclusive nominations, too personally and it backfired… (allow us to recount this story with a sprinkling of cat gifs).

Here are some of Nicki’s original tweets expressing her disgust for not having been nominated at the VMAs for best choreography:

And then this happened:

So Nicki nicely put her back in her place:

And then Katy Perry decided to chime in:

We know, it makes no sense, so our friends at Buzzfeed fixed it:

And finally, Kim Kardashian (unknowingly) added the cherry on top with a nod to Kanye interrupting Taylor:

But apparently it’s all good now!

Or is it….?

Moving on to some more positive Twitter reactions: the Women’s Running magazine’s August cover features a plus size model and it’s got everyone’s seal of approval:


On top of that, Ayesha and Stephen Curry’s daughter proves it doesn’t matter how old you are because you can be fabulous for so many different reasons, like knowing how to ‘Ney Ney’ at age 3:

Getting 340K views at only 3 years old? #LifeGoals #BeatUsToIt