How to make the most of Instagram

Social media has changed marketing forever.  The reason for this is simple: people trust recommendations from people they actually know -- or at least follow online -- more than celebrities or actors in a TV commercial.  But what are the best networks for digital marketing?

Here at Obviously, we harness the power of influencers across the internet and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We’re breaking down which networks are the best fit for which content and why, so you can be empowered to make the most of your social influence.  

First up, Instagram.

Basically, we’re obsessed with IG. Brands ask to work with our Instagram influencers more than influencers from any other network.  But what makes Instagram so great, and what sets it apart from other platforms, like Facebook, which actually have more users?

Curated Visuals

At first glance, the Instagram feed is a curated fantasy.  Unlike Facebook or Twitter, audiences expect and embrace this curation. In other words, we turn to Instagram specifically for the fantasy and we love getting tips on how to make it a reality.  

A classic marketing strategy is literally built into the the platform: telling the story of a world just a little more magical than our own.  What’s truly exciting is that Instagram influencers manage to create this fantasy without sacrificing their sincerity or accessibility.

Check out these examples to see what I’m talking about:


For those who crave traveling the world and visiting exotic places, these gorgeous travel photos look like something right out of a daydream.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.38.48 AM.png

Sweet, cozy, and oh-so-flawless.  I could totally picture myself living here. Or, better yet, I can learn exactly how she made her home so lovely, so I can try it out myself.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.38.39 AM.png

The beautiful, relaxed, and carefree style that wardrobe dreams are made of.  She makes elegance look so easy and fun!

Meaningful Engagement

Instagram is one of the few platforms where you don’t need to pay to promote your post in order to be seen.  Contrast that with Facebook, where only about 5% of your friends will actually see an unpaid post.  Once a post is promoted, of course, it loses authenticity, so less people are likely to click or comment.

On Instagram, even the smallest influencers can achieve amazing engagement on all their posts. (Think .01% on Twitter vs 3% on Instagram.)  Additionally, followers are more likely to actually comment on a photo, rather than just like it.  This means that engagement isn’t just higher on Instagram, it’s also higher quality. Followers can ask the influencer direct questions about a product being promoted and can expect to get a response.  

These personal interactions make micro influencer marketing incredibly powerful on IG in a way that it isn’t on other platforms.  In other words, you don’t need a million or even ten thousand followers to be a great influencer.  You really just need great content and the willingness to engage with your audience.

Which kinds of influencers should use Instagram?

SO MANY!  Instagram is a great fit for beauty and fashion influencers, parents, decorators, foodies, travelers -- anything that can be made to look beautiful is a great fit for this platform.

So who doesn’t it work for?

We would never advise anyone to ditch the IG.  That said, there are certain niches, such as sports fans, gamers, and comedians, who may have more luck on other platforms.  These influencers might gravitate toward a more interactive experience to tell their story.  For example, YouTube is particularly popular with gamers because of the ability to visually walk your followers through a game and have extended discussions about the game experience.

Next week, we’re going to chat about YouTube influencer marketing, what makes it great, and how it’s different from IG.  (SPOILER: It’s very different!)  Stay tuned!

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