This Week at Obviously: Item M6, Chanel, and Phlur Fragrances

As Valentine's Day draws near, Obviously's campaigns have been all about love: self-love, romantic love, and friendship.  Check out some of our highlights from the past week!

Item M6

Moms are incredible people.  They spend so much of their time giving to others, so it's important that they take time to love themselves too.  Obviously teamed up with some beautiful, confident moms to share the benefits of Item M6 tights-- great for circulation, shaping, and improving energy. They celebrated feeling confident in their bodies and loving themselves at every stage. These inspiring women truly do it all and look amazing doing it.


Getting dolled up for the evening is one of the best parts of Valentine's Day.  Whether you're heading out on a dream date or glammin' it up with your girls, feeling gorgeous makes the whole night special.  These ladies had a blast creating romantic looks with Chanel's luxurious makeup line.  We're so in love!


Help a girl out!  Picking a fragrance that you love can be tough.  Fortunately, Phlur offers amazing sample sets, so you can try out three scents at once.  The best part?  They're also sustainable and cruelty-free.  Our influencers shared a little love with their lady friends by filling them in on the secret. Happy Valentine's Day, ladies!