Keeping It Real

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Did you know that Obviously never uses bots or automated responses to emails?  Technology has improved our lives in so many ways, but one of the downsides is that we tend to assume everything is automated.  Obviously was founded on the idea that tech works best when used in combination with human ingenuity and personality.  That's why we're not just a platform, but an agency of people who handle every question and every email personally.

The most common question I get on a daily basis from influencers is "How can I get more projects?"  We've written tons of blog posts with practical tips on what brands look for, how to create quality content, and how to make beautiful flatlays and Instagram Stories.   All of this is super important, Obviously. But I think that underneath all these questions there is an unspoken assumption that there there is some grand algorithm to working with Obviously, and if you just crack the code you'll start getting more projects.  While it's true that data is super important to us (hence, why we're rolling out our new Studio Preferred program), it's not the only thing that matters.  We're also looking for those intangibles: creativity, innovation, a unique idea or perspective.  And we're looking for people that are great to work with and who want to form a genuine bond with their collaborations. We don't think that bots and algorithms are the best way to create a real connection between influencers and brands, so we're doing it our own way.

Here are a couple ways in which Obviously is different from other influencer platforms: 

1) Every Obviously email comes from a real person and is read by a real person.

As I said before, we don't use bots to answer emails.  We don't have any bots! We don't know any bots!  Even emailed responses to our newsletter come directly to our inboxes.  So, if you're feeling like letting off some stress and yelling at a robot... don't.  We see every email that you send, and- because we're human- we do have feelings.  

2) Collaborations are handpicked for you.

We rely on our data to make sure influencers and brands are a good match in terms of engagement, followers, location, and audience.  But we also match influencers and brands based on their aesthetic and their general vibe.  We want to make sure the brand feels right for you and fits in with your feed.  That's why all potential collaborations are looked over by a real human being before we reach out to you. 

4) We really are trying to help.

Obviously is growing very quickly, which is incredibly exciting.  This means that every day we face new challenges and find new solutions.  I know that sometimes little things like tech issues or shipping errors can take longer to resolve than you might expect.  Rest assured that if we tell you we are working on something, we really are.  Feel free to follow up if you haven't heard from us in a while-- we do have a lot to keep track of.  However, if we say we're going to get back to you and we haven't yet, it's likely because we're still working on it.  We will not forget about you and we will get it resolved.

5) We like you.

We really love working with influencers.  We want to help and we want to find great projects for you.  So if you haven't had a project yet, please understand that we are still looking for that perfect match.  And the moment we find it, we will reach out. 

We've made the decision to keep our company focused on the human element so that we can take collaborations beyond a one-size-fits-all model to something more organic and genuine. Tech is here to support us, not the other way around.

So the next time you receive an email from Obviously and think "I wonder how many people got this" or "I wonder if they even read my response," know that email was for you, and I totally will.

Feel free to add your thoughts to the comments!  (We really read those too!)

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